Australian Government Architecture

Standards for Digital Sourcing


This standard supports digital solutions in the following capability.

Procurement and Sourcing


This standard assists in meeting the requirements of the following policies.

Procurement and Sourcing policy (Position)


The following designs show how to achieve the intent of this standard.
This guidance supports the Standards for Digital Sourcing.
AusTender provides centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans and contracts awarded. is an online marketplace that connects government buyers with ICT industry suppliers
The Commonwealth has established a whole-of-government arrangement with Microsoft to drive efficiencies in procuring Microsoft products and services. All agencies, by default, are enrolled to use the Microsoft product suite, with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint being the primary collaboration tools
The Digital Sourcing ClauseBank (ClauseBank) helps agencies to create best-practice commercial agreements with sellers. The pre-drafted terms will make completing contract a simpler process.
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