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Grant Management

What is Grant Management?

Grants are funds that are given by a public body (Commonwealth Government) to an individual or entity. Grant Management refers to the publishing, administering and managing of government provided services and opportunities such as grants, tenders and auctions. It aims to reduce the silos within the Australian Government’s current ICT environment through a consistent and user centric approach. Grant Management also provides whole-of-government requirements ensuring digital solutions are aligned to achieve the Australian Government’s strategic outcomes of efficient use of taxpayers’ funds.


The Grant Management architecture is established to inform and enable better decision making for the application of the Government’s digital and ICT investments in relations to grants. 

The objective is to maximise the value delivered by the existing grants hubs and reduce expenditure on delivery of grants programs.

Policy Elements

Grant Management policy (Position) Mandate:
  • Contact the Department of Finance in the first instance, (in the case of  Non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCE ) wanting to develop their own grant management platform).


This capability is part of the following domain.

Government Service Delivery


The following policies have requirements that impact this capability.
Mandate: Unendorsed
Status: Consulting


The following designs include examples of how digital solutions in this capability can be delivered.
The Community Grants Hub provides a shared-services arrangement to deliver grant administration services on behalf of Australian Government client agencies to support their policy outcomes. Client agencies are responsible for grant policy and the development of grant programs, while the Hub is…
GrantConnect provides centralised publication of forecast and current Australian Government grant opportunities and grants awarded. Forecast Opportunities are used to advertise potential Grant Opportunities by providing limited information and an estimated period of release
The Business Grants Hub helps government agencies design and implement grants programs that provide access to relevant government grants
Sapphire is the National Health and Medical Research Council's (NHMRC) technology solution for supporting end-to-end management of all Medical Research Endowment Account grant opportunities (GOs) as well as Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) GOs administered by NHMRC on behalf of the Department of…
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