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Government Branding (Individual)

What is Government Branding?

Government Branding is how the Australian Government presents itself, its agencies and its digital products. The role of Government Branding (and the brands that it includes) is to deliver an experience that builds trust, confidence and ease of use for our customers. Government Brands can assist with navigation, or orientation around government agencies, policies and services.


The adoption of consistent branding architecture will lower the complexity of accessing government services, and delivery on the potential of digital government. By reducing the proliferation of brands and domains where every program is treated as a brand with distinct identities and communication strategies, we will prioritise the brands worth investing in.

Consolidated customer facing Australian Government branding for digital services across government will enable whole-of-government to improve the experience for people and businesses, through prioritisation of domains, integration of experiences, consistent naming and branding.

Policy Elements

Government Branding policy (Position) Mandate:
  • Develop all branding with reference to, and consistent with, the Whole-of-Government Brand Architecture document as endorsed by the Secretaries Digital and Data Committee on 7 February 2022.

    The Whole-of-Government Brand Architecture document is available from DTA on request.


This capability is part of the following domain.

Individual Experience


The following policies have requirements that impact this capability.
Mandate: Unendorsed
Status: Consulting


The following standards support development of digital solutions in this capability.
The Whole-of-Government Brand Architecture are branding guidelines that state that all Australian Government departments and agencies are required to use common branding on their websites and print publications. Agencies must develop all branding with reference to, and consistent with, the Whole of…
These guidelines have been developed to help departments and agencies ensure the Australian Government logo is consistently applied to products such as official Australian Government documents and publications. Departments and agencies are required to comply with the branding policy unless an…
Style Manual is for everyone who writes, edits or approves Australian Government content. Use it to create clear and consistent content that meets the needs of users


The following designs include examples of how digital solutions in this capability can be delivered.
Digital Identity branding artefacts are available from the Digital Identity engagement team at Department of Finance on request.
The Government Brand Architecture Master Pack is available from DTA on request.
myGov branding artefacts are available from the myGov Engagement and Onboarding team at
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