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Content Management (Individual)

What is Content Management?

Content Management is the hosting and publishing of digital content for government information. The content may include text, documents, images, video and audio that when published ensures users know what an agency does, and how to access the services they provide.


To provide a uniform and secure platform for Government Agencies to build and maintain their websites, published content and digital assets. This includes other information channels such as transaction systems, kiosks, knowledge bases, services and non-government websites.  A uniform Content Management platform provides consistency across government websites and provides cost effective solutions.

Policy Elements

Content Management policy (Position) Mandate:
  • Avoid investment in new digital experience platform (DXP) tools until they have discussed with The Department of Finance the procurement options and pricing available through the GovCMS program.

  • Avoid investment in new, standalone solutions for the hosting and publishing of web content, until they have discussed with The Department of Finance the capabilities and opportunities GovCMS provides

  • Consider onboarding to the Whole-of-Government GovCMS

  • Meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA


This capability is part of the following domain.

Individual Experience


The following policies have requirements that impact this capability.
Mandate: Unendorsed
Status: Consulting


The following standards support development of digital solutions in this capability.
The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provides a single shared standard for making Web content more accessible.
The AGLS Metadata Standard was a set of descriptive properties to improve visibility and availability of online resources. National Archives has decommissioned the AGLS website and uncoupled their responsibilities from AS 5044-2010 which is managed by Standards Australia. AGLS is published as…


The following designs include examples of how digital solutions in this capability can be delivered. was retired in 2023, and now redirects to was the official website of the Australian Government. It offered the latest news, updates, and advice from the Australian Government.
An interactive, self-service online tool in the form of a library of guidance materials. The AGA will be accessible to agencies, as well as industry and the public, in a way that is searchable and navigable based on user needs. This will encourage standardisation and reuse across government
Planned enhancement and upgrade work to the Energy Made Easy web site to support consumer comparison and switching options.
GovCMS Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting is a by government, for government website hosting solution. The PaaS hosting solution includes security and management of the platform. While being more flexible with greater allowable Drupal modules, customers with PaaS hosting are responsible for…
GovCMS Software as a Service (SaaS) hosting is a by government, for government website hosting solution. The SaaS hosting solution includes security and management of the platform. This includes regular security patching and software updates, application and infrastructure maintenance as well as… is the official website of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. It offers key services, news and advice. is the official website for the Department of Education. It provides news, announcements and information on programs and initiatives. is the official website for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission. It includes news and analysis, and information on programs, grants, policies and services.
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