Australian Government Architecture

Business Process and Workflow

What is a Business Process and Workflow?

Business Process and Workflow refers to codified, automated and standardised reusable business processes and rules that can be understood by ICT systems.


An objective for this space will be finalised through the iterative development of the Australian Government Architecture.


This capability is part of the following domain.

Government Service Delivery


The following designs include examples of how digital solutions in this capability can be delivered.
Tranche 1 of the modernisation of the Australian Electoral Commission’s ICT systems and infrastructure.
The Dataplace website has integrated SurveyJS for easy content development of new web forms, in a solution that protects the privacy of form data from third party providers
Establishment of the ICT infrastructure necessary for a national worker screening and registration scheme from 1 July 2024.
The Parliamentary Document Management System (PDMS) provides a service delivery capability to connect Australian Government agencies and Parliament under the Whole-of-Government (WofG) Parliamentary Workflow Solution (PWS).
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