Australian Government Architecture


This domain includes the enabling interoperability capabilities and common approach to integration and orchestration to enable the management of cross-agency sharing of information. The focus is to provide connected services across government to improve government policy, program and operations.


This domain includes the following capabilities.
What is Interoperability and APIs? Interoperability and APIs refers to providing a programming interface or common formats within an agency or between agencies and their partners, in order to allow their services and systems to communicate with each other. Objective To standardise API practices…
What is Orchestration and Choreography? Orchestration and Choreography refers to providing automated configuration, management, and coordination of computer systems, applications, and services to allow for seamless delivery of end-to-end services to users. Objective An objective for this space will…
What is Secure Data Exchange? Secure Data Exchange refers to providing secure data exchange between systems within an agency or between agencies and users. Secure Data Exchange application is the encryption technology which provides a secure transfer mechanism of data to support the data linkage…
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