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Data and Digital Government Strategy

The Australian Government has released the Data and Digital Government Strategy (the Strategy) which sets a vision to 2030 on how it will use world class data and digital capabilities to deliver simple, secure, and connected public services.

View Data and Digital Government Strategy.

  • The Australian Government is committed to a modern public service that puts people and business at the centre of data and digital transformation.
  • By aligning the APS' data and digital agenda with a clear vision, it aims to support joined-up delivery across Government. 
  • The Strategy describes a number of areas for the APS to direct its efforts to realise the 2030 vision, including:
    • Use data and digital technologies to deliver connected, accessible services which are centred around the needs of people and business.
    • Work as a single, unified enterprise using technology, data and analytics to deliver simple, accessible services for people and business.
    • Use data and digital technologies in innovative ways.
    • Partner with people and business to make decisions and deliver services which are trusted, transparent and ethical, and support people‚Äôs choices when engaging with public services.
    • Adopt the right capabilities, practices, standards and culture and make effective use of data and digital technologies to operate as a seamless government.

The Strategy contains a number of commitments that support delivery of the capabilities, policies, standards and designs within the AGA. See Data and Digital Government Strategy.

The Strategy is supported by an Implementation Plan that showcases the actions and initiatives the Government is undertaking to achieve the Strategy's 2030 vision. The Plan will be updated each year to respond to emerging technologies and priorities and identify new actions and initiatives. See Implementation plan.

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