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GovTEAMS is the collaboration service for the Australian Public Service. GovTEAMS PROTECTED offers a range of exciting features and apps, allowing government employees and their industry partners to connect, share information and work together across organisational and geographical boundaries.

GovTEAMS PROTECTED is a secure environment, designed specifically for hosting sensitive content, and supports the sharing of information that has been classified as PROTECTED.


  • collaborate and connect with members in a PROTECTED environment – locally, nationally, and internationally – using Microsoft Office 365
  • work on projects in a secure environment (up to PROTECTED)
  • video, phone, chat, send posts and collaborate with project partners, in real time
  • share documents securely without worrying about version control
  • host online meetings, live events, and webinars
  • connect with communities with similar goals or projects
  • work efficiently, saving time and money.

To collaborate in GovTEAMS PROTECTED, you must have a membership. To become a member, an active baseline clearance is required.

Membership Types:

  • Full Access Memberships – for APS employees. Self-register here.
  • External Memberships – for non-APS employees. External members need to be invited by a full access member.

See About GovTEAMS PROTECTED on the GovTEAMS website, for more information.

Contact GovTEAMS Support for further assistance.


This design is part of the following capability.

Collaboration and Sharing


This design can be relevant to meeting the requirements of the following policies.

Collaboration and Sharing policy (Position)

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