Australian Government Architecture

Government Enterprise Resource Planning (GovERP)

GovERP has been repurposed (and renamed Services Australia ERP, or SA ERP) for use by Services Australia, and any entities who choose to use it.

GovERP was planned to provide SAP-based back-office services including financial, human resources, and procurement services and reporting as a common platform for government.

The Shared Services Transformation Program (which included the build of SAP-based GovERP solution and a smaller entity solution based on TechnologyOne and Aurion) was replaced with a new APS ERP approach, and thus GovERP is considered retired.

If required, entities can bring forward ERP solution investment proposals in line with Budget Process Operating Rules. The Department of Finance will provide policy advice on navigating the new approach.


This design is part of the following capability.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Policy


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ERP solutions relate to the applications, systems and processes that support commonly used corporate functions. When implemented well, ERP solutions can increase productivity, efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and reporting. When not implemented in line with the organisational needs, however, theseā€¦
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