Australian Government Architecture

Foundational Four


This standard supports digital solutions in the following capability.

Data Management


This standard assists in meeting the requirements of the following policies.

Data Management policy (Position)


The following designs show how to achieve the intent of this standard. is the central source of Australian open government data. Anyone can access the anonymised public data published by federal, state and local government agencies
Dataplace is a new, whole of government platform to request Australian Government data, including under the DATA Scheme. The platform brings together those wanting to get access to Australian Government data (such as researchers and those working on public policy and delivering public services)…
The ABS and AIHW are developing an underlying infrastructure to deliver the National Disability Data Asset, the Australian National Data Integration Infrastructure (ANDII). The infrastructure will include a data governance and streamlined data sharing arrangements and an ICT solution, supported by…
The Australian Open Data Toolkit will assist you to find, view and understand how to use
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