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Digital and ICT Reuse Policy

What is the Digital and ICT Reuse Policy?

The Digital and ICT Reuse Policy ensures a whole of government focus on reuse of digital and ICT capabilities. 

The Digital and ICT Reuse Policy is one of the whole-of-government digital policies and standards that the DTA uses to assess whether a digital or ICT-enabled investment proposal is robust, of high quality and can be brought forward for Government consideration.

Further detail on the requirements for agencies when bringing forward digital and ICT-enabled investment proposals for Government consideration can be found at the Contestability (Budget) stage of the Whole-of-Government Digital and ICT Oversight Framework.


The Digital and ICT Reuse Policy applies to Non-corporate Commonwealth entities subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

For corporate Commonwealth entities and wholly owned Commonwealth companies, the policy represents better practice.

The DTA will assess digital and ICT proposals against the policy. This assessment will cover proposals to change or create government services that meet the following criteria:

  • Digital and/or ICT enabled with a whole-of-life ICT cost of $10 million or more.

Policy Requirements

The Digital and ICT Reuse Policy is underpinned by three high-level requirements. Agencies must consider these requirements when proposing, designing or delivering new government capabilities with a digital and ICT component or improving an existing digital service.  The Digital and ICT Reuse Policy is underpinned by three high-level requirements:

  • Reuse whenever possible – your proposed investments must plan for and make use of any opportunities to reuse existing services or tools within your agency and across government

  • Design and build for reuse – if your proposed investment cannot reuse an existing digital or ICT solution, you must ensure that the service you build, can be reused by other agencies 

  • Enable reuse by others – you must ensure anything you create is shared for others to reuse unless there’s a good reason not to

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