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Benefits Management Policy

The Benefits Management Policy (BMP) defines how benefits must be managed for digital and ICT-enabled investments. The Policy: 

  • ensures that agencies understand the requirements to successfully deliver the outcomes that Australians need  
  • enables effective oversight and reporting of investment outcomes across the Government's digital and ICT investment portfolio.

The Australian Government has endorsed the application of the BMP for digital and ICT proposals coming forward for Cabinet consideration under the Digital and ICT Investment Oversight Framework.

View the Benefits Management Policy (Full Text).


Unless formally excepted, the BMP applies where digital and ICT investment: 

  • is brought forward by a non-corporate Commonwealth entity and, where specifically requested by the Minister responsible for the Digital Transformation Agency, a Corporate Commonwealth entity 
  • involves digital or ICT costs
  • is being brought forward for government consideration as a new policy proposal.

Policy Requirements

  • Benefits are aligned to strategic objectives.

  • Agencies that deliver projects adopt a benefits-led culture and approach to change.

  • Benefit dependencies are explicitly understood and recorded.

  • Benefits are measurable, and evidence based.

  • Benefits are integrated into a project's governance approach.

  • Benefits are integrated into performance management.

  • Benefits are owned by business units, and not by the project.

  • Benefits management activities are integrated into project management activities.


This policy includes requirements that relate to the following capability.

Benefits Management


The following standards show what to do to satisfy this policy.
The Standard outlines what agencies must do to comply with the Benefits Management Policy. It establishes the four criteria against which proposals are assessed at the Contestability state of the Investment Oversight Framework. View: full standard  


The following designs can be relevant to meeting the requirements of this policy.
The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) have released guidance and tools to assist agencies in complying with the Benefits Management Policy. This includes key benefits management concepts and stages of the benefits management policy lifecycle. Click here to see the guidance. Download the Benefit…
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