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Australian Data Strategy

Note: The Data and Digital Government Strategy released in December 2023 has replaced the Australian Data Strategy. 


The Australian Data Strategy is Australia’s first Data Strategy and sets our vision to become a modern data-driven society by 2030, and outlines our approach to publicly held data as a key driver of the future economy. The Data Strategy brings together the diverse elements that maximize data’s value, protect it to build public trust, and enable its use.




  • The Government will make data available where it is safe, secure, lawful and ethical to do so

  • The Government will develop the right infrastructure to enable the better use of data and underpin the creation of new data assets

  • The Government will create a modern data system through investments in data maturity, skills and capability within the APS, and implementing the frameworks under the Data Availability and Transparency Scheme


This strategy covers digital solutions in following capability.

Data Management

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