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Payments policy (Position)

Policy (Position)

  • Avoid investments in new or standalone payments solutions

  • Reuse existing investment in payments 


This policy includes requirements that relate to the following capability.



The following designs can be relevant to meeting the requirements of this policy.
Government EasyPay is a telephone and Internet collection service available to Australian Government agencies
The Revenue Receipting Platform is an inbound payments platform designed to receive payments and temporary payments on a large scale, with repayment refunds, pay later billing, POS, EFTPOS, direct debit and the reversal capabilities. The Revenue Receipting Platform is intended for reuse by…
Single Touch Payroll (STP), is an Australian Government initiative to reduce employers' reporting burdens to government agencies With STP, you report employees' payroll information to us each time you pay them through STP-enabled software. Payroll information includes: salaries and wages; pay as…
Program to integrate COVID-specific IT systems with Health IT systems.
The Payment Utility is a payments platform designed to deliver payment services at a large scale, with receivables and deductions management capabilities.
Payments In enables people to pay government agencies using their preferred payment method. Agencies will be able to receive paid invoices and reports without having to manage differing and multiple payment types. System has been retired by the DTA and is no longer available for Reuse. 
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