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Digital Sourcing Contract Limits and Reviews Policy

What is the Digital Sourcing Contract Limits and Reviews Policy?

The Digital Sourcing Contract Limits and Reviews Policy replaces the ICT Contract Capped Term and Value Policy and is effective 1 February 2020. 

This policy provides agencies with a modern approach to structuring contracts that reduces risk, drives competitive outcomes and increases flexibility. This helps improve sourcing outcomes through responsible monitoring of contract performance, greater access to a diverse range of sellers and the flexibility to invest in emerging solutions.

It has 3 principles:

  1. Risk: de-risk large digital (including ICT) programs by breaking them down into manageable contracts (work orders).
  2. Competition: increase market access for business of all sizes by creating smaller, more focused packages of work.
  3. Flexibility: enable changes to strategic direction and allow earlier access to emerging technologies through regular reviews of performance and deliverables.


Effective 1 February 2020 all Non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCEs) (as defined by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013) must apply this policy.

This policy replaces the ICT Contract Capped Term and Value Policy, which was in effect from 23 August 2017.

Corporate Commonwealth entities are encouraged to apply this policy.

Automatic Exemptions

Automatic exemptions to the policy apply where the procurement is:

  1. for purchases from mandatory categories of a Digital Mandatory Whole-of-Government Panel; and/or
  2. subject to section 2.6 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. Where this exemption is applied, you must notify the DTA via

Joint-Ministerial Exemption

An exemption from this policy can be granted jointly by the requesting NCE’s portfolio minister and the Minister responsible for the DTA.

The requesting NCE must demonstrate a special need for an alternative arrangement and their exemption request must be premised on a genuine intent to meet the policy requirements. They must also include evidence to support any claims. For further information on this process, contact us at

Policy Requirements

For digital contracts and work orders signed from 1 February 2020 onwards, all of the following rules apply:

  • They must not exceed $100 million (ex GST whole-of-life cost), including all extensions.

  • They must not exceed 3 years initial term.

  • Each individual extension option must not exceed 3 years.

  • Extension options can only be exercised after a review of the contractor’s performance and deliverables.

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