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Whole-of-Government Hosting Strategy

What is the Whole-of-Government Hosting Strategy?

The Hosting Strategy provides policy direction and guidance applicable to the Australian Government hosting ecosystem including facilities and infrastructure. It supports the government’s commitment to privacy, security, and resilience, while improving the delivery of government services.

The Hosting Strategy is one of the whole-of-government digital policies and standards that the DTA uses to assess whether a digital or ICT-enabled investment proposal is robust, of high quality and can be brought forward for Government consideration.

Further detail on the requirements for agencies when bringing forward digital and ICT-enabled investment proposals for Government consideration can be found at the Contestability (Budget) stage of the Whole-of-Government Digital and ICT Oversight Framework.


The policy applies to all Non-corporate Commonwealth entities considering hosting solutions for arrangements that include the off-site hosting of data.

The policy guides a defined approach to hosting arrangements that meets the needs of agencies to deliver on the Data and Digital Government Strategy. The scope comprises of data centre facilities, infrastructure, data storage and data transmission.

Policy Requirements

  • Agencies must assess data and hosting sensitives and ensure the suitability of hosting providers.

  • Entities must ensure the secure hosting of security classified government information and data through the use of certified services and associated infrastructure by applying the Hosting Certification Framework (HCF).


The following standards show what to do to satisfy this policy.
The Hosting Certification Framework provides guidance to government customers on considerations for hosting procurement.


The following designs can be relevant to meeting the requirements of this policy.
The Hosting Certification Framework: Certified Cloud Service Providers details the list of cloud providers that have been certified under the Hosting Certification Framework.
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